Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hurried Wind

A hurried wind roars like a train from the east
Making love to the trees
Causing leaves to shudder and sigh
That same wind directs a ballet of swaying grass
Rhythmic like a heart beat
Yet frantic as a herd of startled beasts
The hurried wind distracts me from stubborn thoughts
Of the sweetness of your lips
And whips like punishment across my tear-stained face
Leaving salty trails like long forgotten footprints
The hurried wind stretches itself across the sky
Carrying your laughter on its back
Breathing hints of your presence
For a moment I see your face glinting off they sky
Then just as quickly it leaves
On the tail of a hurried wind

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Love Colors

If you've ever seen a painter trip
And stumble
And dramatically spill his bucket of paint
So that it splashes its hue like a blanket in front of him
That is how I wish you would fall for me
Messy, uneven, incomprehensible
Totally vulnerable to gravity
Except I wish you'd be like ten painters
With ten different colors
All falling at the same time
From different heights
Vertically, horizontally, diagonally
Splashing the clouds
Splashing the people
Splashing the molecules in the air
A three dimensioned, messy wonder
That everyone marvels at, since they didn't think it was possible
That is how I wish you would love me
With every color you can think of
So that rainbows look at us
And wish they had it so good

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Blue Wind

A blue wind blew through the trees one night
Tickling the leaves and changing the light
The blue wind rolled like her cousin the tide
And blew to the heavens and painted the sky

 The blue wind teased at the bright white stars
And made them jealous she could travel so far
The blue wind hugged up the sky like a mother
And left it infused with its blue wind color

 The blue wind mused with the planets and stars
She jibed at Orion and flirted with Mars
The zodiac signs only scoffed at her fodder
Though on her blue blanket they rested like daughters

The sun soon rose with its purples and pinks
And the vain blue wind didn't know what to think
The blue wind blew to the west in haste
To escape from the sun and her yellow face

 The sun bleached the sky from dark to pale blue
Taking no joy in the dark nightly hue
The blue wind hides, as the stars will attest
To color the sky when the sun takes her rest

Monday, November 21, 2011

Heart Fingerprints

No promises were made
No vows were taken
All you left were your fingerprints
That's all I really needed

That's all I needed to lose my head
To forget which way was up or down
To forget that I'd been hurt before
Your fingerprints on my heart

I couldn't get away from you
I was the moth and you the flame
You burned so brightly I couldn't see well
I had to touch your heat

The burn is tattooed on my life
I hear that song, I think of you
My heart is covered in ash and fingerprints
Your fingerprints on my heart

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Loveliest Fish

A tropical sun is shining on me
And shines on the scales
Of the loveliest fish 
I've ever seen
He swims from the east
As a descendant of the sunrise
I curse and bless the day
This hypnotic creature swam my way

He swims like silk ribbon
Waving slowly in the breeze
His eyes are piercing
Like stingers on bees
Brown crystals navigating
the blue crystal sea
And his scales change colors
From red to gold to green
Unless my eyes play tricks on me
About six feet long
With a tail like a mermaid
The sand turned gold
Every place where that tail laid
I catch my breath when he swims by me
The loveliest fish I have ever seen

Now compare him to tuna
With his dull gray face
Or with the big sunfish who just looks out of place
The jellyfish is unfriendly
The stingray is mean
The squid keeps secrets
and won't say where he's been
The seahorse is nervous
And turtles are lazy
The seals only bark loud to make a man crazy
The clams are too shy to come out of their shells
The swordfish just fight and they love to raise hell
Yes, there are so many fish in the sea
But none like he
The loveliest fish I have ever seen

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Willful Muse

Shouting down my muse tonight
Just let me sleep. Turn out the light!
Like a willful mother
She shakes her head
And shoves the pen
Into my hand
And pushes it toward the sheet
Without missing a beat
Honey, let me sleep.
I have a journey ahead tomorrow
But she can't ignore the cloud of sorrow
Floating over my head
Like a bee hive of dread
A beacon of discontentment
A mass of grey matter
Needing condensing
Into black ink
That will cover the page
Thus reducing my rage
So much anger
Nameless strangers
So many questions, evil deeds
So much corruption masquerades as prestige
No! Muse dear, please.
Put me at ease
I must go to sleep
This can wait till my alarm clock beeps
But she persists, silently insists
Forcing my hand and pushing her gist
What about the war?
What about the stars?
What about oceans? Lust? Healing? Scars?
What about now?
What about how?
What about the sky?
What about WHY?
What about sleep!
I seethe through my teeth
Wielding the pen like a sword from its sheath
I'll use this pen, but not how you think
You'll lay here, dead, in a pool full of ink
She smiles and smirks, even pats my head
Knowing without her, I'd only be dead
Tomorrow, she says, tomorrow we write
And flies to the stars as she bids me goodnight
I sigh
A writer and muse can battle like lovers
I turn out my light and get under the covers
No matter your mind state, your strength or conviction,
There is no escape from a muse on a mission!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Call To Action

People bustle on, being busy with life
Me standing still makes the time pass no slower
I must carry on, break free from my stasis
I have bricks to carry. I have hills to climb.

Even flies make busy, making use of still carcasses
Even carcasses are useful to the flies and the vultures
What excuse do I have, when I throw up my hands
And assume all is lost, though possibility remains?

The gentle wind carries dead leaves from the trees
The sun warms the soil, drawing life from the ground
What can I say to excuse my still fingers?
What reason do I have for “I'll do it later?”

I speak not of people who make time their master
Cracking their skulls to solve the earth's woes
I want not to be them, but more I desire
To come to the center, between peace and prosperity

Humanity bustles on, pushing earth to turn
Me standing still makes the world turn no slower
I must carry on, break free from my stasis
I have bricks to carry. I have hills to climb.